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Holistic Fertility

Discover personalized fertility care

Empowering Your Fertility Journey

Welcome to our Holistic Fertility Support program where your journey to parenthood is nurtured with the utmost care and expertise. We understand that the path to conception is deeply personal and, at times, challenging. Our comprehensive approach integrates the best of medical science with holistic wellness to address not just the physical, but also the emotional and spiritual facets of fertility. Our experienced team, led by a physician acupuncturist with extensive training in both Western medicine and traditional healing practices, is dedicated to uncovering and treating the root causes of fertility challenges. We employ a blend of advanced diagnostic tools and time-honored treatments, including acupuncture, herbal medicine, and tailored lifestyle modifications, to enhance your fertility and overall well-being.

Our program is designed to empower you with knowledge and care. We believe that informed, educated clients are better equipped to make decisions about their health and fertility. Therefore, we prioritize not only treatment but also education about how each aspect of our program contributes to your fertility journey. From understanding how acupuncture aids in regulating hormones and improving blood flow, to recognizing the role of nutrition and emotional health in conception, we guide you through every step. Our holistic fertility care is not just about achieving pregnancy; it's about fostering a state of health that benefits you now and in the future.

We invite you to take the first step towards realizing your dream of parenthood. Contact us for a personalized consultation where we will discuss your unique fertility journey and how our holistic fertility program can support you. Let us partner with you in creating the optimal foundation for a healthy pregnancy and a healthy baby. Join us in embracing a path to fertility that is as compassionate and nurturing as it is informed and effective.

Holistic Fertility Program

A comprehensive 6-month program to help you achieve your family building goals. Our program offers a full evaluation looking for the root causes of infertility and incorporates a diet and lifestyle assessment as well as functional testing including hormonal, and gut and nutrition as necessary. We use a combination of acupuncture, herbal medicine and functional medicine to help support a healthy reproductive system.  We will work closely with you to develop a personalized treatment plan to help you reach your goal of having a healthy baby.

Book a 15 minute phone consultation to see if this could be right for you

Our IVF Support Program

Our program is meticulously designed to complement and enhance traditional fertility treatments. By integrating regular acupuncture sessions, we can improve IVF outcomes through increased blood flow to reproductive organs and hormone regulation. Our program also includes a comprehensive lifestyle consultation, addressing critical factors like diet, exercise, and stress management that play a pivotal role in fertility and egg/ sperm quality. These holistic interventions work synergistically with IVF, boosting its effectiveness while nurturing your overall well-being. With our program, we aim not just to support your IVF journey, but to optimize your health, ensuring the best possible environment for conception and a healthy pregnancy.


Regular acupuncture treatments can significantly improve the effectiveness of IVF. Depending on your unique needs and goals, you will receive weekly or bi-weekly treatments (including pre- and post-transfer treatments) over 1 to 4 months.

Lifestyle Consultation

Lifestyle factors such as diet, exercise, stress, and environmental toxins can significantly impact fertility in both men and women.  Important changes will be recommended after full assessment.

Partner Support

The health of both partners is equally important in the fertility journey, as it takes two healthy individuals to conceive a child. We recommend that your partner come in once for a lifestyle assessment.

Book a 15 minute phone consultation to see if this could be right for you.

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