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Searching for more than just a quick fix?

What if true healing goes deeper than just the symptoms?

Women's Health

Have you been struggling with menstrual issues, hormonal imbalances, PCOS  or endometriosis? Looking for a personalized plan to feel better in your body?

Dreaming of starting a family but facing fertility challenges? What if a personalized approach could enhance your journey to parenthood?

Curious about enhancing your natural glow and achieving a youthful complexion without invasive procedures? Wondering how to revitalize your skin's appearance while also promoting your overall well-being? Looking for a way to tap into your body's own healing mechanisms to maintain a radiant, youthful look?

Mental Health

Searching for a compassionate approach to mental health care that acknowledges both the mind and body? Looking for effective strategies to help restore emotional balance and well-being?

Ready to invest in a happier healthier you?

What if your best self is just a decision away?

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We believe in a deeply personalized, integrative approach to health. Our philosophy intertwines the ancient wisdom of medical acupuncture with the evidenced-based approach of lifestyle medicine and insights of functional medicine, crafting a sanctuary for healing that attends not just to symptoms, but to the root causes of health challenges.


Specializing in women's hormonal health, fertility, and mental well-being, we guide our patients through their unique journey towards optimal health. We delve into the intricacies of your unique physiology, lifestyle, and aspirations to curate a wellness plan that resonates with your individual needs. We firmly believe that health is a partnership. We recognize and celebrate your agency in this journey, understanding that true healing and wellness flourish through mutual respect, shared knowledge, and the empowerment of your own choices and actions in pursuit of health.

Restore. Rebalance. Revive.

Lifestyle Medicine I Medical Acupuncture 
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Ready to take control of your hormonal health?

What if your body could speak? What would it say?

Feeling off-balance lately?

Ever wonder if it's more than just stress?

Fed up with one-size fits all health advice?

What if your wellness plan was as unique as you?

Thinking about starting a family or expanding yours?

What if the journey to motherhood could feel less like a marathon?

Curious about the power of acupuncture?

What if ancient wisdom could unlock your modern day wellness?

Lifestyle Medicine

Services We Offer

  • After a thorough initial health evaluation, we offer a personalized treatment strategy and care plan. 

$250 initial consult and treatment.

$160 follow up treatments.

Lifestyle Medicine

  • A comprehensive evaluation of lifestyle habits to provide personalized evidence-based guidance on how to make positive changes. May include recommended testing and supplement plan if needed.

$350 initial consult and recommendations.

$175 follow up.

Comprehensive Acupuncture & Lifestyle Medicine

$425 initial consult, recommendations, and treatment.

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  • A comprehensive fertility support program for couples who are planning to conceive or trying to conceive.

  • Encompasses a functional medicine and naturopathic medicine approach to fertility.

  • Tailored to your particular needs with selected appropriate testing (hormonal, adrenal, GI, nutritional, etc.) and therapeutic strategies.

  • Embraces the full spectrum of the body including physical health as well as mental, emotional, and spiritual well-being.

  • If you have been told you have unexplained infertility, or are confused about the next steps (what diet to follow, what supplements to take, what you can do to optimize your reproductive health, etc.), we can support you.

A series of acupuncture treatments combined with lifestyle practices to tone muscles, stimulate blood flow, and increase collagen. A gentle, effective, and safe way to combat the signs of aging, returning the face to a healthier, revitalized, more youthful appearance.

**Combined with LED phototherapy.

Gold Package: 6 treatments $1350

Platinum Package: 12 treatments $2350


Collagen induction therapy using a medical grade pen device to improve skin texture, and decrease the appearance of fine lines and acne scarring. Includes LED phototherapy.

$375 single. Package of 4 treatments $1300

**Option for AnteAGE MD Growth Factor  ($475 single. Package of 4 treatments $1800)

About Dr. Le

Meet Audrey Le, MD

Licensed Physician Acupuncturist,
Board Certified Lifestyle Medicine Physician

Dr. Audrey Le brings over two decades of medical experience to her holistic practice, blending traditional and modern healing techniques to offer comprehensive care. A graduate of the University of Mississippi Medical Center, Dr. Le has deepened her expertise by training with the Holistic Fertility Institute, focusing on integrating holistic approaches into fertility, women's health, and mental wellness.

Recognizing the profound benefits of acupuncture, Dr. Le pursued and received certifications in medical acupuncture and dry needling, placing her among the select few physician acupuncturists licensed in Louisiana. Her passion for medical acupuncture drives her practice; she combines ancient techniques with contemporary medical insights to provide a holistic, scientifically-backed approach to patient care.

Her professional affiliations include the American Academy of Medical Acupuncture, the American College of Lifestyle Medicine, and the Institute for Functional Medicine. Additionally, Dr. Le has completed a year-long herbal fellowship with the American Association for the Advancement of Restorative Medicine, further enhancing her ability to provide tailored, effective treatments to her patients.

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